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About the Adams County Soil Conservation District

Our Conservation District's Mission and Purpose

      Soil Conservation Districts are democracy in action. The Soil Conservation District is a legal subdivision of the State, organized under the North Dakota Soil Conservation District Law enacted in 1937. They are organized by the vote of the people within the district and are managed by a board of supervisors.

      Each Soil Conservation District in North Dakota is managed by a five person board of supervisors. Three of the supervisors are locally elected, serving a six-year term, and two of the supervisors are appointed, serving a one-year term. 

      The Adams County Soil Conservation District serves Adams County in southwestern North Dakota, with Hettinger holding the county SCD office. The District holds regular monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of the month. Special meetings can be called for a warranted purpose. 

Adams County Soil Conservation District Purpose:​

The general purpose of the Soil Conservation in representing the citizens of Adams County is to:

  • Focus attention on land, water, soil, and natural resource problems

  • Develop programs to solve these problems

  • Provide financial and technical assistance to solve these problems

  • Enlist and coordinate help from all public and private sources that can contribute to accomplishing the District's goals

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SCD Products & Services




Tree Planting: $0.30/ft


Weed Barrier: $0.60/ft

Please contact the SCD for more information if you are interested in doing a tree planting.


No-Till Drill: $10/ac with $300 down pmt*

*$3/loaded mile to and from field

**Down payment is minimum charge


Mowing: $60/hr -OR- $50/hr if site has previously been mowed in same year*

*$3/loaded mile to and from site

**Charges are for working time only


Hand Plant Trees-

Conservation: $2

Tall stock: $4

Weed Barrier:

6x500 ft:

-$150/roll or $0.30/ft

15x300 ft:

-$150/roll or $0.50/ft

Staples: $0.15 each

Tree Tubes: $6.50 each

Marking Flags: $0.10 each

PlantSkydd: Prices vary

Corn Cob Tree Mats: $9 each


Calendar of Events

Tropical Leaves

We're Hiring!

The ACSCD is now seeking a full-time District Manager.  Please call (701)-928-1544 to inquire and apply.