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Adams County SCD   Board Members


Seth Hofland

Supervisor -  Vice Chairman

Seth became a supervisor for the SCD board in January of 2017; he was elected chairman for the board in January 2021. Seth resides in west Adams County and works as a mechanic at AgPro.


Sean Weinert

Supervisor - Chairman

Sean joined the SCD board in January of 2021, and was elected the vice chairman. Sean resides in east Adams County and works at United Grain as a grain originator. He also runs cattle with his family. 


Hayden Evans

Supervisor - Secretary/Treasurer

Hayden became a supervisor for the SCD board in January of 2019; he was elected secretary/treasurer for the board in January 2021. Hayden resides in east Adams County, where he is a 4th generation producer that runs cattle and farms small grains.


Jamie Enerson


Jamie became a supervisor for the SCD board in March of 2013. Jamie resides in west Adams County, where he runs cattle and small grains with his family.

SCD Employees


Shannon Ellig

District Manager

Shannon joined the SCD in October of 2021 and resides in Bowman.

NRCS Employees


Kate Motzko

District Conservationist

Kate has been with the NRCS since 2015, and joined the Hettinger Field Office in November of 2019.


Katherine Brackel

Soil Conservationist

Katherine has worked in the Hettinger Field Office since early 2019, and recently joined the NRCS in May of 2020.

NRCS Partner Employees

Jordan Rabon

Farm Bill Specialist